14 Day


We offer a 14-day mediation journey to help your kids connect with their true-self and supercharge their life. In just two weeks, your child will learn the tools needed to meditate. Body scans, breathing techniques, proper posture; these practices will instill a sense of calm within your child, and it can all be done in 14 days.

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21 Day
Kindness Journey


Being kind makes kids feels good. When you encourage kindness in your child, they will feel good about themselves and the world they live in. With this 21 day kindness journey, your child can learn how perspective and empathy affect their surroundings. Not only is this beneficial to your child, it’s beneficial to every person with which they interact.

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28 Day


Gratitude is so important. If we aren’t grateful, we aren’t appreciating the people and things which help us day-to-day. Lotus Child offers a 28 day gratitude journey to ensure your child values the gift of every day. Learning this important value will give their whole life deeper meaning and joy.

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